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Hull being carefully turned over. 

Early stage of fabrication of our custom Tig. braze/welded solid brass cutwater. 
After many more steps this will be carefully chrome plated. These can also be done
in stainless steel if wanted.

Mahogany dash panel in early stages of fabrication. 

First or layout stage. Fore ground of picture shows my Lietz engineer transit,
 This gives me the perfect layout to proceed with the project. A good start
 make for an easer construction process down the line. 

Photo shows the white oak frames and much of the framing details.
 The entire hull is encapsulated  in West System epoxy.  This 
makes for a very good hull system if done properly from the 
very start on new construction. This is not a system to
  use on older boat restoration work.

Another view of the framing details. 

Due that no two crafts are alike and there are so many custom
 features I prefer to work on a time and material basis. 
Time is billed on a bimonthly basis with progress photos sent
 with each invoice.  The customer is always welcome to 
come view the progress of his or hers craft at any time. 

 This is a view of some mahogany planking being sanded in a 
 wide belt sander. 

The hull now has all of its hand selected pattern maker grade mahogany planking 
bedded and installed in epoxy.  The hull now is going thru its multi step sanding 
process before it goes into the finishing room for filling, staining, sealing and 
top coating with multi coats of two part catalyzed varnish.  


These are views of a hull with its planking completed.
All the mahogany has been back sealed and completely 
bedded in epoxy.  Each individual deck plank seam is 
filled with epoxy.  When all this is hard, the entire hull 
is sanded and faired.  This is a many step process 
going  through the many grits of abrasives as follows
Two wide belt sanding operation  Four portable 
belt sanding operations\Five portable random 
orbit operation Five portable power flat boy
operation  Sixteen hand sanding operations.
Thirty two total sanding operations before the 
finish process!
Getting a hull ready to finish is a long process.  
It separates the boat builder with pride from the 
one who just wants to get  the job done.

  This is a view of our runabouts towards the end of construction. 
It has a hand rubbed 2 part polyurethane finish  that has been applied
over a carefully prepared surface.  The entire deck is bedded and
glued with epoxy.  When this is dried the deck seams are filled
 with epoxy.  After this dries the entire deck is sanded and faired
 ready to have the seams masked off. At this point the seams
 are sprayed with white 2 part polyurethane.  This is about the time
that we start getting ready for the important work of detailing the
boat out and checking all the work that has been done
up until now.   

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